Welcome to Block Party!
Block party is one of the staples of the Capital Quilters Guild. Every month there is a block for you to make and return the following month. At the meeting there is a sample of the block, directions, and usually a swatch of one or more of the fabrics to be used to complete the block. Participants take a copy of the directions (or you can take a photo of them to conserve paper or find them on Facebook, in the newsletter, or on the website page), swatch(es) of the focus fabric, and sign up to make the block, which is then returned at the next monthly meeting. All participants who return the block the next month are entered into a drawing for the returned blocks. The winner can then complete a quilt using the blocks they win. Many of these quilts are submitted to our comfort quilt program, although this is not a requirement.
The Block Party theme for the 2022-23 year is state quilts. The guild members were given the opportunity to vote on their favorite state quilts, which will be presented throughout the year, with some special events during the year to incorporate more states.
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