November 2013 Block Party Pattern

Holiday Panel Square

This month we will be framing a Holiday panel square with 2 colors which will mean creating mitered corners.

Want a downloadable .pdf? Get it here!

Pick out a red for two sides of the frame and a white, gray, or silver fabric for the other 2

NOTE: The red frame portion should be on the bottom and right of the block.

I’m including 2 ways to make mitered corners, the first one is the traditional way and the second one is using a half square triangle for the mitered corner. For each of the methods you will start by trimming your panel block to 7 inches. When adding the framing strips, make sure you have 2 red sides touching each other and 2 white sides touching each other.


Instructions for the traditional method (there are many video tutorials online to help out).

  • Cut two (2) 3 1/2 X 14 inch strips of Red.
  • Cut two (2) 3 1/2 X 14 inch strips of white.
  • Find the center of each of the strips and each of the sides of the panel block.
  • With right sides facing and raw edges aligned, match the center of a block and frame strip.
  • The frame will extend past the edge of the block. DO NOT TRIM THE FRAME STRIP.
  • Sew frame strip to block. Start and stop stitching 1/4 inch from corner of block, backstitching
    at each end.
  • Press seam allowance toward frame strip.
  • Add remaining frame strips in same manner.
  • For the corner seams, fold the block in half, right sides together, to form a triangle. Make sure
    all the seams and edges match up neatly. Spread the frame strips out and line them up.
  • Using a ruler you will mark the sewing line for the corner seam. Line up a ruler with the
    diagonal edge of the folded block. Mark the sewing line on the frame strip. Pin the corner
    edges to keep them in place.
  • You will begin sewing at the same place where the side seams ended, near the corner of the
    block. Sew on the drawn line only through the framing strips, toward the corner.
  • Repeat for all corners.
  • Flatten out the block and make sure everything looks accurate. If you are happy with the
    results, press and trim the seam allowance to 1/4 inch.

Instructions for Half-square triangle method.

  • Cut one (1) 3 1/2 X10 inch strip of red and of white.
  • Cut one (1) 3 1/2 X 7 inch strip of red and of white.
  • Cut one (1) 4 inch square of red and of white. Use these to make 2 half-square triangles likeyou did in October’s block. Trim the half-square triangles to 3 1/2 inches.
  • Sew one of the half-square triangles to each of the 3 1/2 X 10 inch strips, matching the correct sides of the half-square triangle with the appropriate strip.
  • Sew the 3 1/2 X 7 inch strips to opposite sides of the panel block. Then sew the strips with the half-square triangles attached, to the remaining sides.


Want a downloadable .pdf? Get it here!


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