President’s Challenge: Sewing Block 1

Using the table below, determine the number of 1 ¾” wide strips you will need to assemble the blocks for this month.
In this example, Fabric ‘B’ is the dark fabric and Fabric ‘A’ is the light fabric. There will be 5 – 1 ¾” wide strips in
each set. They will be sewn together in the order B-A-B-A-B.


To prevent curving of your strip sets, stitch them together from opposite ends. Be careful to maintain straight stitching lines when pressing, and be sure to press toward the darker color.

When stitched together and pressed, your strip sets should measure 6 3/4” wide. Cross cut your strip sets into 6 3/4” squares.
Please save the balance of that last strip set for use in Block 2


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November 16, 2014