Quilt Show 2018


Online Entry Form available now – Thanks for helping test it out!


Dates: Friday – Sunday,  March 16 – 18,  2018

Place: Kerr Scott Building, NC State Fairgrounds


The Rules, Entry Form and List of Categories are in draft form below and for planning information only and may not be the final version – We will keep these updated as we make changes.  We will be having online registration of quilts and the link to that registration will be on this page.


Draft 2018  Quilt Show Rules    link to pdf version

  1. There is no fee for members of CQG to enter a quilt. CQG members may enter a total of 5 quilts with no more than 2 quilts in any one category.  Non-members must pay a $10 fee to enter any quilts.  For that fee non members may enter a total of 3 quilts with no more than 1 quilt in any one category.
  2. Quilt to be judged must have been completed after 2013 and cannot have been previously entered in any CQG sponsored shows (specifically the CQG 2014 show or the 2016 Symposium).
  3. In all categories the entrant must have worked on some part of the quilt. With the exception of duet, group, and longarm only categories, the quilts must be the sole work of the entrant.
  4. All quilt entries must have three layers joined by quilting.
  5. Each quilt must have its own entry form with picture. Entries will be accepted starting 12/1/17 and must be received no later than midnight 1/15/18.
  6. All quilts must be received by 3/4/18.
  7. All entries must have a 4-inch sleeve attached to the top of the quit.
  8. All entries must have a label sewn on the back right hand corner of the quilt. The label must include the quilt name, the quilt maker’s name, address and date completed.
  9. All quilts must be able to be hung using standard hanging procedures. Do not send hanging rods or any kind of hardware or special hanging instructions. Framed quilts will not be accepted in this show.
  10. Upon receipt of the quilt show entry form/s, a quilt show entry number will be emailed to entrant for each entry. The participant must use the entry number and create a label which should be securely affixed to the back lower right hand corner of your quilt to cover the entire quilt label.
  11. Do not send any accompanying material as it cannot be displayed.
  12. Each quilt must be folded into a clear plastic bag. Please fold your quilt so that the quilt label can be viewed through the plastic bag.
  13. While we endeavor to take the utmost care of your quilts, our committee will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur. Quilts entered with embellishments must be capable of withstanding normal folding and stacking without risking harm to the quilt or another. It is your responsibility to have adequate insurance coverage for your quilt.
  14. Quilt Show committee reserves the right to refuse a quilt if it is soiled, has pet hair or if it smells of smoke, perfume or pet orders. Quilts will be inspected upon receipt, and the owner will be contacted if the quilt is refused.
  15. All quilts MUST be picked up between 5:00 P.M. and 6:00 P.M. at the end of the show. You are required to bring the paperwork showing ownership. If someone else is picking up your quilt, they must have the paperwork
  16. The committee reserves the right to reassign quilts to another category if they are entered incorrectly. Entrants will be contacted if this puts their entries over the category limit to decide which quilt will be withdrawn.


DRAFT Entry Form

Quilting from the Heart Quilt Show    March 16-18, 2018

link to PDF version

Entry forms will be accepted starting 12/1/17.  All entry forms must be received by 1/15/18 at 12 a.m.  Quilts may be turned in starting 2/15/18. All quilts must be received by 3/4/2018.  Entries may be brought to the meeting, or delivered to a committee member.  Do not mail quilts.  Please read all Quilt Entry Instructions for rules.  Completed forms with pictures may be emailed to CQG2018registration@nc.rr.com or mailed to Ginny Esch, 204 Melksham Road, Wake Forest, NC  27587.


Make a copy of your completed entry forms, which will be REQUIRED for pick up at the end of the show.

Section A: Entry Identification (Please print or type, additional information may be attached.)

Name:_____________________________________________  Phone_________________________


Entry Title:_________________________________________________________________________

Entry made by:_______________________________  Entry quilted by:________________________

Size in inches:  ______________width  ________________length _____________________perimeter

Check all that apply:

Hand quilted    _____________                    Domestic/sit down machine quilted    ________________

Long arm (stand up) machine quilted_________________

This quilt was made from a kit.      ______Yes               _______No

This quilt is to be judged:     _____Yes  ____ No       Non-judged quilts will be displayed as space permits.




Attach a photograph.  Digital computer printout is acceptable.  Photos are not returnable and are used for record keeping purposes only.  The quilt must be recognizable by color and pattern in the photo.

Section B:  Entry Category Number and Name:   _____________________________________________________________

Please review the category list and select carefully.  The committee reserves the right to reassign a quilt to a different category if deemed appropriate.  RETURN THIS PAGE AND THE PHOTO TO:  Ginny Esch, 204 Melksham Road, Wake Forest, NC  27587 or email to CQG2018registration@nc.rr.com.

DRAFT Quilt Show Categories

  1. 100 A , Individual, Large, Perimeter over 320”, Pieced
  2. 100 B, Individual, Large, Perimeter over 320”, Mixed/Other techniques
  3. 200 A, Individual, Medium, Perimeter 240”-313”, Pieced
  4. 200 B, Individual, Medium, Perimeter 240”-313”, Mixed/Other techniques
  5. 300 A, Individual, Small Perimeter 121”-239”, Pieced
  6. 300 B, Individual, Small Perimeter 121”-239”, Mixed/Other techniques
  7. 400, Duet, made by 2 persons, all techniques
  8. 500, Group, made by 3 or more persons, all techniques
  9. 600, Wearable Art and Accessories
  10. 700 P, Pictorial
  11. 700 A, Art
  12. 800, Modern
  13. 900, Miniature (no side larger than 30”)
  14. 1000, Overall Longarm Quilting (Quilting only)
  15. 1100, Custom Longarm Quilting (Quilting only)
  16. 1200, Quilting by Embroidery Machine

Technique Definitions:

Pieced:   Piecing is the predominant technique in amount and effect.

Mixed:   A fairly even amount of piecework and appliqué.

Other:  One special technique is used to develop the design of the top, such as whole cloth, surface design, crazy quilt, cathedral window, embroidery, etc.


Category Definitions:

Large Quilt:  May be a wall or bed quilt.  Sum of all sides equals 320” or more.

Medium Quilt:  May be a wall or bed quilt.  Sum of all sides range between 240” and 319”.

Small Quilt:  May be a wall or bed quilt.  Sum of all sides range between 121” and 239”.

Miniature Quilt:  Completely scaled down in all features from a large quilt design.  No larger than 30” per side.  Block size no larger than 4” finished.  All techniques included in this category.

Art Quilt:  Your ORIGINAL design reflecting innovative construction and design techniques, theme or subject matter, and/or materials.  No commercial patterns or copies of previous works.  Quilts must be made of some fabric, have three layers, and contain quilting.

Pictorial Quilts:  Has a visual representation of an image on the quilt surface.  It may include, but is not limited to, faces, animals and/or landscapes.  Includes all techniques.

Wearable Art and Personal Accessories:  Designed to be worn/used (such as clothing, totes, purses, planner covers, etc.) Includes all techniques. No pillows, table runners or other home furnishing items.

Duet Quilt:  Two people involved in the completion of the quilt.  Includes quilting by a person other than the maker of the top.  Includes all techniques.

Group Quilt:  More than two people involved in the completion of the quilt.  Includes all techniques.

Overall Longarm Quilting:  All quilting completed using a track mounted machine using a continuous line design over the entire quilt.  Includes hand and computer guided quilting.

Custom Longarm Quilting:  All quilting completed using a track mounted machine using quilting designed for specific parts of a quilt. Includes hand and computer guided quilting.

Whole Cloth:  A quilt using a single fabric as the background and binding.  No piecework or appliqué.  The entire design of the quilt is created by the quilting.  Embellishments will be allowed.

Modern:  Functional and inspired by modern design.   Includes but not limited to the use of bold colors and prints, high contrast and graphic areas of solid color, improvisational piecing, minimalism, expansive negative space, and alternative grid work.  Also, Modern Traditionalism, the updating of classic quilt designs.

Quilting by Embroidery Machine:  Quilting of the layers of the quilt is performed by an embroidery machine.



Co-Chairs: Kim Zebrowski and Laura Suich

Contact: quiltshow2018@capitalquilters.org