September 2016 Block Party Pattern

Blue Square On-Point Block

Want a downloadable .pdf? Get it here!

Cream Fabric Provided

Cut 16; 2 ½ Squares

Blue from your Stash – scrappy would be great

Cut 12; 2 ½ Squares

Step 1: Draw a Diagonal line on the wrong side of the square on 12 of the 16 cream colored squares (make sure to leave 4 cream colored squares with no lines)


Step 2:   Place one cream colored square (with diagonal line drawn) on each of the 12 blue squares, right sides together. Stitch just to the right of the line. Trim from seam to a quarter inch and open the Square, press to the blue It will measure 2 ½ inches.


Step 3: layout the blocks as follows


Step 4: Sew the rows together for an 8 1/2 inch block.



Want a downloadable .pdf? Get it here!


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