November 2015 Block Party Pattern

Baby Chinese Coin Block

Want a downloadable .pdf? Get it here!

Baby Chinese Coin Block

November 2015

Kit contains:

1 strip 40”x 2.5”

member provides variety of red fabrics 

Cut three rectangles from strip provided to measure 2.5” x 11”

From red* scraps, cut strips ranging in various sizes from 1” to 1 ½” wide and at least 6” long.  (You will need between 9 and 22 strips depending on width.)

Sew red* strips together in rows until your stripped piece is at least 11” long by 6”.   Line up ruler with the top seam and cut two strips 2.5” wide x 11” long

Assemble the block by sewing the five pieces in the following sequence:

Background, Pieced Row, Background, Pieced Row, Background


Trim finished block to a 10.5” square

Want a downloadable .pdf? Get it here!


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